Package: opendataes 0.0.1

Jorge Cimentada

opendataes: Interact with the API to download public data from all of Spain

Easily interact with the API from to download data over 19,000 files from all different provinces of Spain.

Authors:Jorge Cimentada [aut, cre], Jorge Lopez [aut]

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opendataes/json (API)

# Install opendataes in R:
install.packages('opendataes', repos = c('', ''))

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Help Manual

Help pageTopics
Check data_list is in correct formatsdata_list_correct
Extract access URL to the actual data from data_listextract_access_url
Extract data from a data_list.extract_data
Extract the dataset names from data_listextract_dataset_name
Extract description from data_listextract_description
Extract the end path of the dataset that directs to from a data_listextract_endpath
Extract keywords from data_listextract_keywords
Extract access languages available from data_listextract_language
Extract all metadata from a data_listextract_metadata
Extract the date at which the data was modified from data_listextract_modified_date
Extract the publisher code of the dataset from data_listextract_publisher_code
Extract the publisher name of the dataset from data_listextract_publisher_name
Extract the date at which the data was submitted from data_listextract_release_date
Extract URL from from data_listextract_url
Extract the format of the dataset from data_listextract_url_format
Make GET requests with repeated trialsget_resp
Make GET requests over several pages of an APIget_resp_paginated
Check if publisher is available in opendataesis_publisher_available
Build a custom url using the httr url classmake_url
Explore datasets by keywords and publishers in <>openes_keywords
Extract data and metadata from a given data set of <>openes_load
Request all available publishers from <>openes_load_publishers
Build a url with a complete begin-end date/ prefix URLpath_begin_end_date
Build a url with a complete catalog/ prefix URLpath_catalog
Build a url with a complete catalog/dataset prefix URLpath_catalog_dataset
Build a url with an ID of a datasetpath_dataset_id
Build a url with a complete datasets/ prefix URLpath_datasets
Build a url with a complete distribution/ prefix URLpath_distribution
Build a url to search for a given keyword in the APIpath_explore_keyword
Build a url with a complete publishers/ prefix URLpath_publishers
Current readable formats from <>permitted_formats
Available publishers that `opendataes` can readpublishers_available
Translate publisher code to publisher nametranslate_publisher